Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chili Beans
Yummy! These beans are sooo good and even better EASY and FAST!
1st i buy Carroll Shelby's chili kit. You can find it where you buy all your season packets (taco, spaghetti etc. it comes in a box) 2nd i fry about a pound and a half of hamburger with onion. I then add all the seasoning that comes in the box 14oz of water (more if to thick) 3 cans of pinto beans 1 can of black beans or kidney beans, (don't drain juice) and 1 can diced tomatoes.
I like to take out what i want for my kids then i add 1 small can of green chilies. This is soooo easy and taste so good with Marie Calenders corn bread! the best corn bread I've ever had and all you do is add water!


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