Thursday, April 10, 2014

Look what my hubby made me!

My husband made me this beautiful post to hang fun things on.  He's so good to me, I kinda like him...allot:). He's seriously my favorite person on the planet.  
I saw this really cute post on ON THE AVENUE (my computers down or I would add the link) her blog is one of my favorites.   She had a stand similar to this one on her blog so I showed my husband what I had in mind.  It's made with 2x4's as the center.  The bottom is a wooden plaque I had.  And the top is scrap wood and the top of a bed post.  Yup, were cool like that...we use lots of recycled things:). We also used a peg I had as the hook for hanging things and some trim my dad left behind when we bought their house and some left over paint.  Super cute huh?!  This project was FREE for us so that was awesome!:). 
I also just finished this post.  It's a table leg flipped upside down with a top I got for free screwed into the top.  Super cute too:)  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Easter subway art

Where I live we have a FB group that is just for home decor and project pieces, know, all the things us crazy ladies love!!  It's an auction style group so it's fun and really cool when you score a good deal:). I won this vinyl subway art that was in a white frame for 12$.  I changed the frame.  I sprayed it blue..,I'm kinda addicted to blue right now.  It's so calming and I love the pop of color here and there.  Check out your area and see if you have a FB group similar to mine.  It's fun! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter banner {egg and chevron}

Easter display and my grandmas old mayo jar...

My grandma had the neatest things:). I'm so glad I can use them and give them a new life.  I love having things here and there that remind me of her in my home. She had this old mayo jar.  It is big! I wish things still came as large and for much cheaper!  I love it so I added an old curtain rod end and attached it with a screw. Then I used krylons ocean breaze to paint the intitire lid.  I bought the chalkboard stickers at the dollar section at micheals and attached it.  It's so cute and so perfect for my Easter display:). 

Chevron framed eggs

This is a compleat $ store craft....well minus the spray paint.  I walked into my dollar tree the other day and and I found the cutest chevron wrapping paper.  It was with the Easter stuff.  I had these little frames that I had used for Halloween  a few years ago (also dollar tree) so I sprayed them with krylons ocean breaze ( I'm pretty sure that's the name if it) and then added the paper and a glitter foam egg I bought there a few years ago that I cut in half.  They turned out way cute!! And cost just a few dollars:). I love dollar tree!

Framed Ceiling Tile {done}