Monday, May 17, 2010


Aren't these so cute?! I LOVE crafting it makes me happy:) My husband made a work bench not long ago for i kinda commandeered it! Summer seems to finally be here and my girls want to be outside all the time so i set myself up out in my garage;) they ride bikes, play in the mud and run around while i cut stuff out and paint:) My hubby and i went to a warehouse yard sale and found me the perfect stool so I'm all set:) my baby is content to hang out and watch his crazy crafty mom and silly sisters:) I'm so happy summer is only if the wind would go away!


The Faveros said...

Love love love your new stuff!! Great job!!!


Mary I {heart} the bloom letters that you made!! So cute!! And thank you for the award :)

Mary said...

Thanks Guys!

Ashlee said...

SO cute! Do you cut all this amazing wood art out ourself? What do you use? I'm looking to add another tool to my collection! Thanks for stopping my my blog! I'm glad the table is a hit, it was so fun to make and it's great when others love what you do, isn't it! Love the lettering!

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