Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flower Magnet/ Dry Erase Board

Everyone needs a place to post reminders, pictures, invitations etc. This is a cute way to do it:) I used a frame i had laying around and put some sheet metal in the place of glass. Make sure you use gloves when you cut this stuff...i learned the hard way! Then this is the coolest part. I got 3 and a half yards of this beautiful fabric at a yard sale for 75 cents! This elderly lady was selling lots of fabric so i took advantage and bought all i could:) I LOVE FABRIC! anyway getting back on track. Ok so for the flower you cut circles and don't make them perfect cause it doesn't matter one bit then you melt the edges with a candle and glue them together along with a bead or button in the center. So cute right?! These flowers are super cute in little girls hair 2 with an alligator clip. Any kind of silk will do:)


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