Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial

Aren't these just beautiful? my sister made one and i decided i needed one for myself.  these are incredibly easy and so affordable.  i spend maybe 3$ on the whole project.   
i started off with cutting a round wreath form from poster board.  my sister used cardboard which i think is probably the way to go, but i didnt have any and im incredibly inpatient so i went with the poster board.  then i placed it on my living room carpet and poked holes all over it.  i bought the coffee filters at my grocery store for cheap cheap.  i think they were only $1.50.   
grab the center of each coffee filter and push up to make a cone then twist the end and push though each hole you created with your pincel.  SO FANCY!:)
after each hole is filled i flipped mine over and tugged on each one to make sure they were all secure.  then i poked a hole at the top and added a jute sting for hanging.
i went onto pinterest and found these CUTE cupcake toppers and got them printed at my local print shop on cardstock.  HERE is the link for the free printable.  i found my mini clothespins and walmart.  the jute sting you can find at any dollar store by all the painting supplies.  i cut around the designs and then added them to my sting and tied them on to the back of the wreath.  i am obsessed with how easy and truly CHEAP this is to make!  swoon!


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