Saturday, June 26, 2010

Firecracker Plaque

I used a wooden plaque i got at a thrift store for this cute project! i painted it white then i used a glaze over that then i put some wooded firecrackers on it! i used pip berry's for the fuss:) super easy and fun:) kids would love to do this too! Mine where 2 busy playing in the water to want to paint with me...oh well:)
TIP! I know some of you may know this tip already but i thought i would share just in case you dont;) I get most of my wood at The Home Depot. They have a cart in the wood section that is FULL of .51 wood! Its such a great way to save money! i never buy wood for full price!


Kacie said...

Ok I seriously LOVE the last like 5 posts. I have decided I need a cricut and a saw and a talent. Your awesome! I need to pay you to make all these for me!

De Javu Crafts said...

im glad you found my blog, i dont mind at all if you copy the rooster idea!! I want to see the end project. :)

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