Saturday, July 10, 2010

Magnet Blocks!

I LOVE these!:) I came up with these all on my own:) I'm so proud:) I cut out my blocks and glued some decorative moulding on the top then spray painted them with a flat black paint;) I had some left over metal so i covered the pieces in scrapbook paper and mod podged them. Then i made my flowers added a magnet to the back of them and then added a bow to the top of my blocks. I love how they turned out:)


Mandi said...

Oh my goodness, so adorable! You are so creative! I went to wal-mart to try and find some silk so i could try those flowers, do u know if they have any, and is it just called silk, or is there a weird name for it? By the way im so bummed about our wal=marts changes, they dont carry anything now :(

MaryBerry Boutique said...

Thanks Mandi! I know its so lame they have NOTHING now! I asked the lady if they had any satin and the ladys like "all we have is cotton!" she was so mean! So i looked for it myself and found big rolls of it right above the the ribbon display. It comes with 3 yards on it i think... and it goes a long ways! I usually do about 5 circles and then melt the edges with a candle. Then just stick a cute jewl bead or button in the middle:) i love these so girly!

Whimsical Creations said...

Very cute!

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