Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coffee Filter Wreath

I couldn't get a great pix of this AWESOME wreath ( my husband said its "old lady-ish"....what does he know?;)) But this one will have to do:) I got my foam wreath and coffee filters at Dollar Tree. I had some left over brown spray paint so i lightly dusted the whole thing with that. All you do is get your coffee filters and grab the middle and push up making a cone. I used hot glue and put it on the tip and just started sticking them on! i made 3 of these with one and 1/4 bags of coffee filters. my girls made the cones for me and i glued. It was fun and kept them busy for a while:) who would have known you could make a super cute wreath from coffee filters?! I put one in my bathroom and 2 by pix in my bedroom i love them:) How CUTE would these be painted PINK or PURPLE for a girls room?!


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