Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Im Speechless.....

I don't even have words....this is just the cutest thing i have ever seen! CHECK IT OUT HERE! Emma (my 3 yr old) wants a play kitchen for Christmas and i think this is the ticket! I love it! I think ill play with it more then her lol:) I have been on the HUNT for a side table with not much luck...but i have found lots of cute accessories to go with it:) I found a cute salt and pepper shaker, baskets and even a ceramic pie so far! They all need some TLC but when they are done I'm sure they will be great:) Rosaleigh (Rosie:)) has been wanting a desk to do her homework on. ( cause she is a BIG 1st grader now!:)) I stumbled across an old metal desk like i used to sit in in grade school for 4$ i want to paint it PINK what else right:) and get her a cute little chair or stool to sit on. I haven't thought of what to get my little Logan but i think my husband will have fun picking out boy stuff for a change:) I'm excited for Christmas this year. I want it to be simple and all about family and tradition:)


Lyndsey said...

Ok - I was at the D.I yesterday and they had a few sideboards and even a dresser that might have worked for this project- have you checked there? This is TO DIE FOR!!!!

katieoz said...

You are so sweet :) Thank you for the play-kitchen love! --Katie

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