Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Christmas TiMe!!

I'm Getting ready to do my VERY FIRST Boutique this coming Thursday! I am really nervous and excited:) I hope it turns out good. I made this Santa to put in along with lots of other stuff but i haven't completed them yet. I need ribbon and things but i am not about to go out with all the crazy Black Friday shoppers lol:) I'm funny i don't like big crowds. It totally freaks me out! A few years ago my husband talked me into going and i walked into K Mart and literally turned around and walked out lol! I know I'm weired! Any who I will be SURE to take pictures of my table and things I make:) I just hope they are good enough and people will buy them!
This is My 2x6 Santa HeHe isn't he so CuTe? He was easy to make i got the idea for this guy HERE!

These are A few mini Subway arts my Sister in Law Marissa made....

So Cute Huh?! I love the way they turned out!:)


Lyndsey said...

Good luck!! I bet you will do awesome!!!

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