Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey Everyone:)  I hope you have had a great Monday:)  I love Monday's they are my favorite day of the week.  My hubby doesn't work on Monday's which i LOVE but i also love that its a new beginning:) 

Valentines day is such a special holiday.  It reminds me of how much i Love my family and loved ones:)  I am so blessed to have such special people in my life. 

I made these with my Sis in Law a few years ago.  We made them out of regular white fabric.  We sewed them together on the sewing machine and then cut a slit in the back just big enough to put stuffing in and then whip stitched them close.  We used regular old paint to paint the fabric.  After they dried we sanded them to give them a more Primitive look:)  These are really easy!  I love bowl fillers:) (TIP:  When you sew something small like these hearts i suggest cutting 2 squares then drawing the heart on to the square and then follow the drawing with your sewing machine.  This way you can cut around the heart after you sew it so you don't have to worry about not sewing it perfect.  I hate when i sew things and i get to close to the edge and it rips and makes a hole.  Also it gives you more surface room to hold on to, making sewing easier:))  

I bought this at Micheal's and LOVE it!  This was so affordable i couldn't pass it up but wouldn't this be easy to make?:) 

I made these tonight:)  I love stacker's and finally got around to checking them off my list:)
I Love my dad.  He let me put my saw in his shop sense i no longer have a garage *tear* and he has given me access to all his tools!  He has EVERY tool i can think of using and he is so sweet to let me use wood he has too:)  Anyway i cut these out and sanded the edges with my dads massive spinning sander thing (I'm happy just thinking of how easy sanding is now:)) and then fast forward a week I got to painting.  I decided i wanted my letters to be RED but didn't have any red paper or vinyl so i painted the front of each block RED and let it dry then i placed my black vinyl letters on each block.  I used a cream paint and painted over the vinyl.  After the paint was dry i pealed off the vinyl to show the red underneath.  I sanded the edges and front and then stained each block with a walnut stain.   For the Flower I used a gift bag i had.  I cut circles and crumbled them up to give them texture then i used the handle for the leaves.  I just unraveled it and glued it under the flower.  I LOVE the way they turned out! 

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Stuff by Ash said...

Love the little "trick" to make the red letters on the blocks. And I can't believe you made the flower out of a gift bag, brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Green Eyed Girl said...

What a great idea...I may have to use that too! (If I ever get busy

Dede said...


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