Friday, February 18, 2011

Easter Egg Tree and a Bit Of Luck...

I love Dollar Tree! I went in today to pick up a few essentials and got side tracked when i saw all the Eater Stuff!! I saw all these trees and then i saw the cute little Styrofoam eggs to hang on the trees! i couldn't pass up a cute little tree for a dollar! I swiped a tree 2 packs of eggs and a pack of big eggs with wooden stix, This is what i did....

I added some Spanish moss to cover up the ugly kitty litter looking stuff in the pot..

much better:)

Then i hot glued these little eggs all over the tree so they wouldn't slide around. Then i added a big egg to the top! EASY! (the wooden stix comes out easy if you just give it a turn)


So stinken cute right?! I gave this to my mom and have more stuff waiting for me to make mine:) I think its way to early for Easter so ill wait to make mine. This way I'm not tempted to put it out!:) I had to buy all i needed cause stuff goes fast!

Now its on to St. Patricks Day Stuff!

I spelled out my blocks to say "Luck" I LOVE these blocks!

I got the cute little Shamrock at Jo-ann Fabrics for 50% off! I also got a Heart for Valentines day. I cant wait to put it out next year:)

This is my Shamrock from Michael's. Ive had it a few years but it would be so easy to make! ...I'm so glad i have a scroll saw now:)

Okay this post is kinda all over the place but just bare with me lol:)

I have wanted an apothecary jar 4 E-V-E-R! I finally found the perfect candle stick and jar at GoodWill. I loved how chunky it was...

The Color? Not so much. I spray painted it black. I also got this wire garland today at Dollar Tree.

I thought it would look cute in the jar and tried to find some shamrocks to go in the jar with this garland. well they didn't have any:( so i came home and got looking around the house and came across the little pots i made for valentines day with the hearts in them. I took the hearts out of the pots...

took out the wood sticks and hot glued them together...

Painted them green and added some white glitter! Brilliant right?! :) They turned out way cuter then i thought:) I love when that happens!

I added the garland to my jar....

then added the caaute shamrocks.

I'm loooohaaaving it!


Jessica said...

What a great idea!

Jessica @
Chapman Place

Robbin said...

Love your apothacary jar! Thanks for sharing!

Chera Pierson said...

So so cute! I love your ideas. Great inspiration for me in wanting to start decorating for every "fun" holiday!


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