Sunday, March 13, 2011

I"ve Been.....


Well Kinda:) I have had this frame for awhile (yard sale find) and had painted it black but didn't really like it. I told my hubby today that i am soooo over black and dark colors. You know what i mean? Anyway, I decided to go out of the box and choose a color out of my paint box that fit my mood today:) I chose this pretty soft green:) I just put one even coat over the whole thing and then just lightly sanded it to give it a"Grungy" look:)

I LOVE specimen art and decided to give it a go:) I took my $ store Styrofoam eggs (dollar tree) then used a serrated knife to slice them in half:) I used scrapbook paper and hot glued the eggs on. I LOVE IT!! Its so bright and cheerful:) That's the thing i love most about spring is all the beautiful colors and how fresh everything is.

Unfortunately i have to put this aside for a week until St. Patty's is over:( BUT I found a really pretty subway art to stick in my frame until then:) I wish i would have seen this earlier its so perfect for St. Patty's but could totally be left out all year:) I found it at Living Up (such a cute blog!) She has it in black and white or like this....

Pretty huh?! Thanks AMY for this free printable:) Be sure to check out her blog she is also a new blogger!:)

My sweet friend Kacie gave me these. Arnt they pretty?! I just painted my blocks white and sanded the edges a bit and stuck on the letters. Easy Peasy:)

and last but certainly not least. I have had this Country decoration for years. It was a dark Burgundy but like i said before i am so sick of being in the dark! I grabbed another color and went for it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it came out! I just sanded the edges to expose the red color. It made it look like i stained the edges with a dark walnut stain! I love when things turn out the easy way haha:)

Start to finish i did this all in about 2 hrs! Crazy huh?! My baby slept for most of it and my dear sweet hubby played with the kids outside so i could have some alone time. I am so lucky to have such an awesome husband!

Okay well that will do it for now! I told you i had been BuSy:) Have a Great Night / Day!:)


Swainston Vinyl & Dezign said...

I love it all! So cute! I like the new style for your blog too! It's fresh!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for featuring me Mary! I love the frame you put the printout in. Your blog is so cute! I'm proud to have your featured button in my sidebar now :-). If you want help with a "grab my button" code I'd be happy to help you set that up.
Thanks again!

Green Eyed Girl said...

Thinking outside of the "color box" really works for you! They all look great and the colors are really bright and say "fun"... that green frame is perfect. I've got tons of the "black stuff" too... maybe I need to think outside of the box. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! Vicki

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