Sunday, April 17, 2011

An AwEsOme Cake and Look What My Mom Made Me!

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!!

My Sister's, Mom and My Brother in-law make the most awesome cakes! My mom makes the best frosting ever! I have the recipe but it never taste as good as when mom makes it:) This is my sister Amy's latest cake for my nephew who just turned 3:) My brother in law outlined the cake and she piped it. Trust me this makes your hand pretty tiered!! Didn't it turn out AMAZING?!

Look at what my mom made me for no reason at all:) I love tea towels:) She made this one from a flour sack my grandma had. These make the best kitchen towels! The only down side to getting a tea towel from mom is they are so pretty I almost don't want to use them!

Thanks Mom I LOVE it!


Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

Lucky you... and your mom did such a great job on it too!

Lyndsey said...

WOW - that cake is awesome!!!!

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