Friday, April 8, 2011

Visiting Teacher Gift

I Visit Teach One of the Greatest Ladys. I just love her and am so thankful for her friendship:) I made her this little Jar filled with Candy for her Birthday:)

The jar is one of many jars my grandma had. Isn't this the cutest little maraschino cherries jar you've ever seen?:)

This was really easy. I just cleaned the Jar and then spray painted the lid. I added Hersey Kisses a tag and embellished. Really Easy but Really Cute:)


Coffee and a Mop said...

Thanks for visiting and following my Holidays blog! You have a cute one here yourself. I'll follow you too! LOL!!

Amy said...

That really is the cutest little jar! What is it about making things smaller that also automatically makes them cute? :-)

Amy said...

I hear ya! We actually got the wheat as Christmas gifts from my parents and my in-laws over the years. Finally my husband's mom asked us, do you have a grinder? We said, no. She said, oh, guess you can't use the wheat then can you? :-) We're getting an electric grinder so it doesn't help much with the whole "disaster preparedness" thing but our bread machine and oven are both electric too so I figure we wouldn't be making bread at that point anyway. :-)

Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

You really inspired me... I never think to save those types of jars and they can turn out so dang cute!

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