Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My different take on chore charts!:)

Paper Doll Chore Charts. How fun is this?!

I wanted to do something a little different for my girls chore charts this summer. They need something to get them motivated:) I couldn't find anything on line that i thought would actually work for know what i mean:) So i decided to make it "fun":) I got creative and decided to make paper dolls and for each chore they do they get to dress these little ladies!:) FUN!!

Okay so this is what i did:) (I used my PAPER DOLL Cricut cartage for this. I love this cartage. Its totally worth the money. It has so many extras and can be used for SO MANY things!) I cut out my body, accessories (i made my dolls 11 1/2 inches tall) and then I got out my CRAYONS! I love crayons:) I went around the edge of each piece to highlight the edges then used my pencil eraser and smudged up the crayon to make it look like it was floated on there. Then I added one chore for each accessories. After i did that i used CLEAR CONTACT paper to "laminate" each piece.

I used scotch fasteners so these can be taken off and on lots of times:) I HOPE:)

My girls used these today and they did every single chore and thought it was really fun:)

Wish us luck:) Have a Great Day!

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