Saturday, June 11, 2011

S.O.S Blogger makes me mAd errrrrr...

I don't know what the deal-e-o is but i keep thinking it will go away and doesn't. Here is my issue. I try and leave comments and only can if i use my Lap Top....??? I'm sure this other thing is normal but blogger wanted me to update or something so it sent me an email to my address that i don't use anymore and my hubby and i couldn't remember the password to get in so i had to make a new one and now everything is whack! So sorry my dear friends that think i no longer care about you:( I DO! I just need to figure this out. Can any one help???


Vicky said...

Hi Mary!
Alot of us were having trouble at sign in. Instead of checking the box to keep you signed in, uncheck it and see if that helps. Another thing was to make sure you're comments are not on the embedded format. I just recovered and rebooted mine so it's doing pretty good with only a few minor blogger issues. There are ALOT of frustrated bloggers out there. And, of course, blogger isn't talking!
Good luck!

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