Saturday, October 1, 2011

gUmBaLl NeCkLaCe and bRacElaT

Hey everyone!:) Anyone who knows me knows I am a BIG fan of anything sweet!:) I {heart} cAnDy:) SoOoO when I saw this idea HERE I had to make some with my girls.

CUTE right?! I made this one for my nieces Birthday. I went to the dollar tree and picked up a bag of BIG gumballs and a pack of small gumballs and then picked out the pink and white ones. I got one of my drill bits, washed it in warm soapy water and then started drilling thru one gumball at a time. I used a quilting needle to lace the ribbon thru each gumball and then tied a knot between each gumball. So easy and really fun for kids to make:) and me too:)


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