Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some HOME DECOR Finished

I have been getting things done around my house these days and while we still don't have moulding done I do have some things hung on the walls:) First up is my Pip Berry Wreath, I took a twig wreath I have had FOREVER and put a pip berry garland around it. I just wrapped the twigs around the garland to make it stay. I love it:)

I have had this shutter and one other that's just like it for over a year. I got them at a yard sale for $10. They were off white and in really good shape. I painted this one black and distressed it big time. I used stain to go over the places I sanded. This BIG shutter is in my dinning room. I'll be finishing the other one to go on the other side of the window once the weather warms up. Get this, it was BEAUTIFUL weather here in Snowflake for days.....I wake up on Sunday and my hubby tells me it snowed. what the??? ERRRR...grateful for the moister though.

AND last but not least my COUNTRY letters. This poor thing has been red, blue and now white:)

I like them both but I think blue was a phase I was going thru haha:)

Until next time,


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