Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome {Heart} and My Head Board Bench

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a GREAT weekend:) I sure am! I feel like I'm starting to get back into the swing of things around here. I have felt like I haven't made anything lately that I have sat back and said "DANG I made that"?! I love those moments!:) I have a little story for you all. A few weekends ago my husband and I were driving through town and we saw the first yard sale sign we had seen in MONTHS! {YESSSS} So we follow the signs and It takes us to a cabinet shop that my husband knows the owners of. We got TONS of wood and half done cabinet doors. I also got some primitive benches {ill show you those a diff time still haven't done anything with them} a nifty little 3 sectioned wood box and lots of other goodies. I think we only spent $15. The back of our truck was LOADED baby!:) I'm so happy I have a husband who knows everyone in town lol:) So this is my first cabinet door craft.....

The door was unfinished so I cut a piece of thin wood (I got at the sale) for the panel. I painted the pieces and then wood glued the back panel in place and let it dry over night. I spayed it with clear spray paint and then put my vinyl on. I wanted this Welcome Sign to be a BIG version of the other Welcome signs I have made. So I cut out some hearts painted them and then put some Velcro on the back to make sure I could switch out the ornament for each season and holiday:)

This head board has been with me along time. I got it for FREE from my sister. When she first got married she and her husband inherited it form old renters. They didn't want it so of course I took it. I love free stuff:)

My husband built it for me and I painted it. I sanded the edges and then stained where I had sanded. I also put a coat of poly over the whole piece so it will out stand the weather:) I love it!

Have a great weekend:)

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Mrs. Crafty Pants said...

That bench is great! Stopping by from craft-o-maniac monday!

4you-withlove said...

Beautiful bench!

Trisha Baker said...

Great Job!

Katie said...

I love it! Now I want a bench! Oh the crafters envy :)
You should join me for Handmade 52!

Jaime said...

Love the bench, I need one!! Must find an old bed first!! And I love the Welcome sign and how you can adjust it accordingly! Clever idea!!

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