Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Gift For My Mom...

Happy Mothers Day
Today I thought I would share with you ladies what I gave my MOM for Mothers Day.  I bought her a pretty "Spider Plant"....I'm not sure what the real name of these are but we call them this:)  I had been given this cute little Tin Pot from my cousin Misti's Mother.  I got 2 of them and have a cute plant my visiting teacher gave me that I'm going to transplant into it, but that's besides the point lol:)  AnYwAy...So I thought it would be perfect for my moms new plant:)  It did need a bit of a face lift though.  So this is what I did...
I wanted it to look pretty much the same I just wanted it to have a fresher look.  It had Yellow and Green showing through the white so I decided to spray paint the whole thing black.  

After that had dried I went ahead and used a white acrylic paint to paint the whole pot.  After that had dried really well I lightly sanded over the pot to let the black show through.  For the final touch I spray painted it with a clear spray paint.  I let it dry and then added potting soil and the Spider Plant.
It turned out pretty well I think!  My Mom loved it so that makes me HaPpY!:)  I love my mom and am so grateful for her.  I'm so grateful to be a mom.  I had such a perfect example:)   


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