Monday, July 16, 2012

Yum, Yum bUbBlE GUM! {A Birthday Gift}

My Niece Eden turned 8 today!   Sense this was her baptism day I wanted to make her something with CTR {choose the right} on it.  My daughters and I decided we would give her something to hold her "special stuff".  Here are the supplies we used to make this cute little affordable gift....
 I bought my glass container at the dollar tree along with the necklace kit and bUbBLe gum {i used 2 bags of bubble gum}.  I had the tulle and armour etch on hand so I spent a whole $4 dollars on this gift although Eden is definitely worth a whole lot more!:)
I went ahead and etched my CTR on my glass.   HERE is a great tutorial if you are new {like me} to etching glass.   
After I did my etching I filled the container with BuBbLe Gum, wrapped the glass in tulle and then placed the necklace kit under it.

  Happy Birthday Eden!


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