Sunday, August 26, 2012

{FREE} Halloween Printables!

Sorry about all the changes I have been making on my blog lately.  I love re-doing my blog for the holidays and... just because.  I get bored if my blog looks the same all. the. time.:)  And besides that its fun, there are so many FREE templates out can I ONLY choose one?!:)  
The other day my mom came across a site called TipNut.  She Told me my Mummy Pumpkins were on there!  I love that!  So I went to look at the site and its a fun site!  She has TONS of Halloween projects from around the net for FREE.  Whats better then free?  Not much huh?  One of my favorite things is to come across new {to me} sites to look at and get inspiration from.  Here is a taste of the MANY Halloween Paper Crafts I was looking at today.  I cant wait to make some of these with my kids.  
{Paper Glitter Printable Paper Crafts}
{Paper Glitter Printable Paper Crafts}
Shes's {Kinda} Crafty
The Pink Peony of Le Jardin
{I will be making these 4 Sure!}
 Not Just Decorating
{and these!  These are so neat!!}

Have a Great Day!


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