Friday, November 9, 2012

I saw this...

on Pinterest and naturally I had to make one for myself! 
I started out by going on line and finding a FREE printable Temple Picture.  I'm sure you have seen this beautiful picture over at Lil Luna.  She has TONS of FREE Temple pictures to choose from.  Some have words and some don't.  The Mesa Temple is the Temple my husband I are were married in so I chose this one:) 

  Ginger over at Ginger Snap Crafts shows a tutorial on how she made hers but unfortunately I don't have a silhouette so I had to draw my frame.  It was actually really easy it just took some time.  

I took a saucer plate and centered it in the middle of the paper.  Then I just traced the saucer again 4 times to create my outline.  I used a piece of paper to make the center of the frame.  I did make it a little smaller so that it wouldnt be the exact size of my Temple print out.


 I free handed the points on it and then cut out my pattern.  I made this one to serve 2 purposes.  I want this butterfly looking one to make frames for my girls room,  so when I cut out my pattern I just didn't draw the points on for this frame.  I used a Jig Saw to cut this out and then sanded and spray painted my frame. 
 I took Gingers advice and taped my picture to the back to make it easy:)
This is the finished project!  I love love love it:)  This would be PERFECT for a wedding gift or Christmas gift.  Although you may not have a silhouette you can still make yourself a frame!


Hallie said...

I love this!! You are amazing!!! I think I might try this. I have a jigsaw but have never used it.....

Vicky said...

This turned out SUPER nice!! Your frame is very professional! I don't think you need a silhouette!!

Brooke Larsen said...

Oh I want one of these!! Beautiful. Also thank you for stopping by my blog I always love to see what you are doing!

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