Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let it Snow

I'm excited for Christmas this year!  It's been spitting rain here and there today, I really want it to turn to <--Snow--> 
I love my chalkboard! If you don't have one they are was given this massive frame but you can find them at thrift stores for really cheap.  Mine had no backing or anything so I sprayed a thin piece of mdf (also free from a friend who was going to recycle tons of thin sheets of wood...glad she recycled it to me haha:)) with chalkboard spray paint (love that stuff) then cut it to size and slapped it in place.  So easy and a huge statement! Total cost for me to make was FREE!  Never pass up anything for free, you can always find a use for it...and if in time you decide you don't want it pass it down to someone who does:) 


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