Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi Everyone! I had to show y'all my Boo blocks i made for my sister! I made these last year for her birthday:) She had all her Halloween decor out so i swiped a quick picture of them:) I made a set for my Big but so small sister too but i haven't seen hers yet...hummm:) So what i did was i cut my blocks. You can use any size it really doesn't matter. I think these blocks are 4*4's? Then i painted and sanded the edges. I bought scrapbook paper that was see threw but had threads all threw it. I was going for a creepy tattered look. I cut 3 squares then used Elmer's glue to glue them on and then just did a thin layer of glue over the top. I used card stock Halloween prints on top of the black. i sanded the edges and then applied them the same way i did the black paper. THEN i put my letters that i had cut at the scrapbook store for free (this is before i had my BFF Mr. CRICUT). I then sprayed them with a clear coat of spray paint. Easy and Cute:) I need to make me some now!


Robbin said...

Love your blocks! Did you ever try the garlic bubble bread with your homemade bread dough? Let me know how it turned out! Love your blog.

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