Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm so cLeVeR!

My girls finally decided that they wanted to be witches for Halloween...with a little encouragement from me because i thought they would be so cute as little whimsical witches! So while i was getting fabric for their skirts (ill show you them later i promise!) i decided i had better look for hats. what witch doesn't have a hat?:) holy cow they all swallowed my girlz! why don't they sell kid hats? Or am i just not looking in the right places? and they cost so much! We decided we would check out the dollar store. I saw these cowboy hats....

perfect! I thought i would make a cone out of paper and glue it on...until i saw a big party hat! i put it over the hat and it fit perfect!!! I came home and spray painted the party hat black then glued it on the hat with a hot glue gun:) i made the rag garland out of my left over fabric from the skirts i made. i absolutely loooove the way this one turned out! i have one more to make along with wands. I spent only 8$ to make 2 costumes for my girlz! you cant buy a costume for that and its so gratifying to make your own:)

Not the best pix but its way cute IRL:)


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