Thursday, January 6, 2011


I just wanted to thank Cydney and Brooke for their help with my Buttons. I still cant figure out how to get the code under them (errr) but i decided to put them up anyway:) If you have been featured in the past please grab a button!:) I'm so grateful for YOU I hEaRt my followers and I hope you all come back lots:) Have a Fantastic weekend everyone!


Sassy Sites! said...

They look GREAT!!! I'm going to grab one, I've been featured! :) I do my buttons here:

It takes you step by step! xoxo!!

Alicia said...

Here is another place that gives step by step instructions, I used this one. It was really helpful
Luckily you are off to a good start so from here you should be able to get it to be "grabable" =)

Alicia said...

BTW, I have the opposite issue. I can't seem to get my buttons created the way I want them. They always come out too big. So I was wondering what program you used and what size they are, they are the perfect size?

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