Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fairy Art {free printable}

I LOVE all the free printable art people are making these days:) I found this one HERE. Thanks MINDY this is so cute!!

I had this old frame that i got at a yard sale for .25 cents. I love yard sales:) they make me giddy haha When I buy frames i try and not look at whats in it or how ugly it is. Which trust me, can be hard but try and look at what it could be:) Frames can get pretty pricey so i love yard sale ones!:)

I decided to use acrylic paint for the frame and the matt inside. I just got some new colors and couldn't wait to give em a try:) After the paint dried i used clear spray paint as the finishing touch.

OH! I also sanded the edges...of course!:) After I finished the frame I got to work on my free printable:) I printed mine small so i could fit it in this little frame but i ran into a problem....the pix was tooooo small. yikes! so i went through my scrapbook paper and oddly enough i had a piece of green almost the same color as the actual printout! NICE!! SO I glued it on and covered the seem with ribbon. I also had some of these jewels so I embellished with them:) I love the way it turned out:) It felt good to have time to actually make something. My days have been full of laundry, homework and meals. Crafting is a lot harder these days for some reason....having to drag out all my stuff and clean it up i guess is what deters me. do you feel the same? It was worth it though cause I LOVE IT!!:) I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

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