Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I cant wait to re-do my kids Bedrooms.

We are going to be moving again this summer and I cant wait! My grandma left her house to my dad when she passed away. My parents have been fixing it up and guess what? I get to move into their house:) I am really excited! Its kinda cool to have my kids live in the house i did most of my growing up in. I have been scouting out how to do my girlz new bedroom. i have always wanted to do something special so i am going to jump in head first and do it. I have some ideas for my little guy too but those will be to come. I found an awesome headboard and foot board last weekend at a yard sale for him for 12$ I'm so happy!! It has about 50 coats of paint on it but it should look great when I'm done! Anyway these are some inspiration photos i have been drooling over and some new ones i have just stumbled on for Rosie and Emma:) Click on the pix to check out where i found them:)

I cant WAIT!!


Bethany said...

That sounds so fun!!! I love sweet little kids rooms!


i bet it will turn out cute!

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