Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey guys! I am SO FREAKEN HAPPY today!:) I FOUND MY "BACK UP" CAMERA!! yippee:) I cant tell you how much i have missed not having a camera. after my girls accidentally broke my camera, we moved and i misplaced my video camera that also takes pix. BUT i found it!! It was in the most random box with my kids baby books. I guess i found an empty space and shoved it in during the move. ANYWAY I'm back and couldn't be more excited:) I have been working on so many project. I have our table and chairs nearly done (more on that later) and have a big dresser I'm working on as well that i scored for 25 bucks at a yard sale. Its going to go in my living room and besides all that its my FAVORITE time of year:) SOOOO I cant NOT do cute Halloween wood crafts:) So with out further ado MY "BOO" shelf sitters:)

Aren't they so BOO-tiful??! I am kinda in love:)

I didn't end up making the tag that is cut out here.

Here they are again:) SUPER simple and SUPER fun:) (this idea came from YOU CRAFT ME UP!)See all the leaves on my step? I didn't just put them there for the pix (even though they look cool:)) We had this FREAK hale storm right when i was picking up my daughter from school. Its was marble sized and so scary! I thought it was going to crack my windshield.

I just thought i would toss in this pix of our Halloween "CATty". We love this cat:)

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Lyndsey said...

I love it!! So glad you found your camera:)

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love these, especially with the bead board! I am pinning this!

Vicky said...

These came out great and honestly the leaves are a perfect touch. :-)

I am a new follower from It's a Party at Creative Princess. If you have a chance stop by and say hi!

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