Saturday, June 30, 2012


Not long ago I posted about my FREE Temple picture.  Its so pretty and I really love it, the only down side is it just kinda got lost on my wall.  I wanted it to stand out so I made a few changes....

This is an old frame that came from things no one wanted when my grandma passed away.  It's cool it think!  The oxen and covered wagons have foam behind them that makes the picture look 3D.  I always thought it was neat when I was a kid!:)  ANYWAY, I took the picture out of the frame and painted the frame with a black spray paint....
 After I had painted my frame I cut out a piece of BEAD BOARD to fit inside.  I painted the bead boad Ivory by KRYLON.... ( I had it left over from another project) I dont usually like krylon paint but my husband picked it up for me and lets face it, I was to lazy to go get it myself so I made it work lol:)  I had forgotten how much I disliked it until I started using it on a previous project.  The reason I dont like it is I feel like it doesnt cover as well as Rust- Oleum.  But, thats just my opinion.
After I had let my frame and bead board dry I put the pieces all together.  I used wood glue to attach my Temple picture to the bead board and then let that dry really well. 

 Im much happier with it now! 


Grammy Suzzy said...

Just lovely! The Snowflake Arizona I correct? Such a beautiful temple and you did such a wonderful job using items I wouldn't have even thought of to create a stunning piece! We live less than a mile from the new Phoenix Temple...a steel framework now.



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