Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer FUN!

HI EVERYONE!  I saw THIS recipe for Sidewalk Chalk Paint and thought it was easy enough and best of all I had it all in my cupboards:)  Cant beat that right?!  I let my kids measure out the cornstarch and water and then let them color the chalk with GEL FOOD COLOR (I LOVE LOVE LOVE gel food color. The colors are SO vibrant!)

I used an old muffin tin I had to hold all the colors. I think it worked really well:)  I gave each of my kids a paint brush and let them go to town:)  They loved it and the best part, it kept them busy for awhile! 
 We also made some "GAK".  This was so fun to make and so easy.  {I used this Tutorial} I was worried this was going to be messy, but its sooooo clean!  Way cleaner then any play dough and super fun to play with!  Look at my Table...SEE, NO MESS!
What have you been up to this summer?! 



k that gak looks awsome! maddie would die!

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