Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Towel {a gift from my sister}

This is such and AwEsOmE GIFT!  I am so happy to have it:)  My sister makes these really cozy towels that are just perfect for baby! 
 I love it cause it folds up easy and just like the rest of my towels.  Its made of a Towel and Wash Cloth... That's it and look how cute it is!  She got her idea from a gift she was given when she had my nephew Kellen.   
 They are so nice to just tuck your little one in, and the nicest thing is baby wont come unbundled or get cold:) 
 I wish I knew how she made these or had a tutorial for you all but I don't:/  Hopefully if you want to make one you can kinda get an idea from the picture.  I just had to show it off cause I think they are so cute and its going to be super handy for me soon!  Thanks Amy, I love it!


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