Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Turkey...

HI everyone! Today i decided to get out my Thanksgiving decorations and put up my Turkey:) Hes cute isn't he?! My sister and I made these at an enrichment for our church, it was fun and we both walked away with our cute turkeys! This enrichment was 6 years ago i think! My girls love helping me hammer the pieces in. I wish i knew how to make printable patterns...ill have to figure that out!

So what we did was sanded and painted the pieces and then shaded around the edges with a shade darker then the original color. i got an old tooth brush and dipped it in paint and ran my finger over it flicking small dots of paint lightly over the feathers but you don't have 2..i just like it:) i used the bottom of a paint bottle to trace the eyes and then made smaller black dots for the center on the eye. After the pieces are painted and dried drill holes into the bottom of the head and feathers and glue a dowel in the hole that is sharpened like a pencil. mine are a few inches long. beware,,,when you take out the pieces the dowels will be kinda yuck! so you can replace them or just wash off the mold:S This is a really easy and fun project!

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Easy Peasy Chic said...

Cute and creative! Thanks for sharing! :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I've had one of these for years and I just love it. Sadly, this year I didn't have a big enough pumpkin to use it. I went to four different stores and they were all sold out of pumpkins!

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