Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting to know ME!

I LoVe getting to know my favorite blog friends and i thought i would let you in on a little more about me:)

I come from a Wonderful Family I have 2 older sisters and one younger brother so i am in the middle:) My parents are so awesome they are the most understanding and loving people you could ever meet. I am SUPER close to each one of my siblings. Its rare if we don't text or talk at least once a day:) We are all 2 years apart, my brother and I are exactly 2 years apart. He was born on my second birthday. We are just like twins! We are allot alike! Im 28 years old, i forget how old i am all the time! lol whats up with that?

I am married to my Best Friend. We have been married 7 years. He makes me want to be better everyday. I have loved him sense High School but it took him til after his mission to notice me lol:) We have 3 of the BEST kids in the world! They are all 3 years apart and I'm thankful for the distance between them! Between my oldest and my middle child i had a miscarriage, it was hard but i grew from it and realize how precious each child is. I have been able to lend advice and comfort to my friends and family who unfortunately have gone thru the same thing.

I love to watch Friends, The Office, 2 And A Half Men, Ghost Hunters, Keeping up with the Kardashians and American Pickers! Okay so i love TV and Missss it! We turned it off to save money but i do love net flix:)

I HATE clutter and dirty things. I like order and hate when my house isn't in it. I love to clean i actually get excited when spring cleaning comes about.

I love to plant flowers and have a garden. Mowing the lawn is one of my favorite things to do. I got lots of bad looks when i used to do it prego! I think my neighbors thought my hubby was a jerk! But i wouldn't let him do it! Its like having the dishes done. Its so satisfying!

I hate being COLD! It snowed today and its freezing!

When i was in 5th grade my dad got very sick. He survived the bubonic plague. Its hard for people to believe but he did. I'm so scared of mice and germs because of it. Prayer is so powerful! I think thats why we are such a close family. We have been thru tons together.

I'm a tad bit addicted to blogging! Its so fun to know people that enjoy the same things as me! I LOVE wood crafts. I cant get enough of them.

I believe in Ghosts.

I lOvE Candy!! Everyone knows i have candy...all the time!

I have high anxiety. I struggle with that everyday.

I have a love hate relationship with Camping!

Jobs i have had: Waitress, Cashier, Pig Farmer (as a kid my parents had a pig farm!), Maid, MOM:)

I LOVE to Cook And sometimes (i have to be in the mood) love to bake:)

OH and I HHHHAAATTEE clowns! Have you ever seen "IT"? BOO scary! (although the ending is a total let down)

Phew! That's a bit about me:) Now head on over to THE IDEA ROOM link up and lets hear about you!:)


Alicia said...

What a great idea for The Idea Room, thank you for sharing. I think the mowing part when you were pregnant was quite funny. But hey, it is exercise =)

Lyndsey said...

Its fun to hear more about you!!:)

Ruthie said...

I love the story about how you and your hubby got together! This is a fun party huh? Have a Happy New Year!


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