Sunday, September 30, 2012

A few of my Favorite Halloween Crafts {made by me}

I love Halloween!  I was going back through my past Halloween post and decided I would High Light a few of my favorite projects I have made from years past.  SO here we go:)...
"BOO"  I absolutely LOVE these!  When Halloween is over I keep out my pumpkin for Thanksgiving:)  I love when I can use things for 2 holidays.

 EKK!!  I made these little frames from dollar tree frames, scrapbook paper and some glitter.  SO easy but make a cute little shelf sitter.
 "B" with pumpkin "O"s {once again the pumpkins can be left out for thanksgiving as well}
 I made each of my girls a Witch Hat out of  BIG Party Hats and Cowboy Hats I slapped together from the dollar tree.  I spray painted the party hats then glued them to the cowboy hats. 
I felt pretty clever!
LOVE THESE witches shoes!
 Mummy and Witch Blocks
BOO the BAT Hanger

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


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